The Obsessed 1981

Sold out

This is a show flyer from 1981 for a show that never happened. We were booked to support Motorhead at the Ontario Theater in DC. Tickets were sold and we were completely psyched to play. Motorhead was our favorite band at that time and we were hungry and ready to go. At this time we had a lead singer Vance Bockis, hence there being 4 of us in the picture. We got the news the night before the show that Philthy Animal Taylor (drummer for Motorhead) had OD'd and was sickened allegedly from some bad speed at the show the night before. Consequently they cancelled the show. It was a big dissapointment, but we kept on keeping on and the flyer looks badass too. Thanks to Dave Floyd for the flyer design.

18"h x 15"w

40 years later, onwards we roll!